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Hello world!

Hello!!!  This is my very first blog on my very first blog website – yay!!!!!

I will preface this entry by saying, I am an AVID blog READER, but have been very intimidated to try and start a blog site of my own.  However, after much thought and prayer, I have decided to take a deeeeeep breath and jump in – headfirst – to the blog pond!  Please be patient (and kind) to me as I am working on a huge learning curve.

Okay – to answer your first question – why the name Polka Dots and Moonbeams Cottage?  Well, Polka Dots and Moonbeams is one of my favorite songs by John Denver.  You know the one…”polka dots and moonbeams all across a pug-nosed dream…”  My late father used to sing that to me and I felt so special and lovely.  So, that is why I chose the title of my blog.

I also want to say upfront, that one of the inspirations behind my decision to jump into blogging, is Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality.  I do not know her personally, but because of her blog, I feel as if I know her.   She seems like a kindred spirit and loves God and cherishes her Faith, Family and Life as much as I do.  She is such an inspiration to me and so many others.  It is such a delight to read her blog!  So…thank you, Rhoda, for sharing your life with so many others!

Okay, now back to my blog.  Today, I started one of many projects to come.  I was gifted a free vintage (not sure how old), small pedestal kitchen table with four, well-used chairs.  Solid wood and very dinged up, gouged, paint, markered, you name it, it had seen better days.  But, it had good bones.  So, I decided to “sit” on it awhile and think about what I wanted to do.

My first thoughts were to paint it a Robin’s Egg blue color – which I love – but I wasn’t sure on that one – little risky for me – so I eventually decided on Shabby-Chic white.

My wonderful hubby, Kev, puttied the gouged areas and deep scratches with DAP Plastic Wood and we let it set overnight before sanding it with our electric sander.  And…yes….my very patient and loving hubby showed me how to use the electric sander.  (More about that later – lol!)

After sanding, I cleaned the surface really well with a damp rag and wiped clean and dry.  Then I began painting (in the garage on a 95 degree day – whew!) – with Glidden Door and Trim Gel Paint.  I love that stuff!  I’ve used it before on a few other furniture projects and I must tell you – it is excellent!  It does not show brush strokes (after drying) and, if you are going for a high-gloss, finished look, it really does the job nicely.

I finished painting the table and pedestal in about 45 minutes or so (while jamming to “Best of Dixie Chicks – oh yeah!) and the table is currently drying/curing in our garage.

Tomorrow I will paint the four chairs and put a second coat on the table.  Once everything dries and looks good (to my satisfaction, that is), I will then start the distressing process.

I will post pics of the finished project soon and will then blog about my next project!

Have a blessed week!

Michelle 🙂

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